Accuracy is our Slogan

Training Courses

GEOCOMP has attractive training schedule with highly experienced staff with more than thirty years’ experience in oil and gas field in different sectors.

Field Trips

GEOCOMP provided different petroleum Companies with geologic field trips as it help in deeper understanding of geological formations specifically those that crop out in several locations. Through the study of sedimentary rocks and take surface samples, examine and follow the small details to lead us in the end to a better understanding of reservoir rocks and imagine it.


GEOCOMP provided different petroleum Companies with applied  workshops in all fields of petroleum industry.

About our Training services

GEOCOMP offers experts with more than 30 years of experience in all fields of Petroleum geology and engineering

GEOCOMP offers multiple courses and geologic field trips to study the surface geology for more understanding of the subsurface geology to help allocating the new wells, to know more about oil traps and reservoir geometry. We offers this service with the best consultants in the different disciplines in addition to the high quality and organization

Technical Sessions

GEOCOMP has arranged a several technical sessions in different petroleum companies in oil and gas field.

Online Courses

GEOCOMP has arranged online training courses for AAST students, also we have a training schedule for undergraduate students  and  oil and gas employees.