Accuracy is our Slogan

GEOCOMP has long experience in the field of digitizing, Scanning, Vectorization and printing, some of our previous clients are:



If your project requires capturing high quality images from hardcopy sources, consider our custom map scanning services. Your maps are scanned to your specifications.

Simply specify the resolution, color depth, file format, and cropping options.  If necessary, we can also digitally enhance the images that taken from poor quality source documents at no additional charge.

WE have a NEURA SCANNER and GRAPHTEC - CSX510-09  


  1. NEURA SCANNER: High Speed Quality Well Log Scanner Neura Scanner is a high speed, color continuous well log scanner.  Built specifically for well logs, the Neura Scanner can scan logs up to 10 inches / second.

    With 3 color settings, color, B & W, and grayscale, capturing and preserving your logs have never been so efficient.

  2. GRAPHTEC - CSX510-09 Because all clients have a lot of maps, charts, sections, etc., GEOCOMP uses this kind of smart scanner for all geological and engineering needs.


For all clients the accurate well log data is a critical element in your interpretive path to success. so GEOCOMP has a high accuracy digitizing services for:

1. Well log data, maps, Sections, etc.

2. Core Description Digitizing

Well Log Digitizing proprietary software powers both manual and automated processes to provide standardized digitized data output - regardless of conversion methods - that meets the user requirements for Petrophysical and geological needs.

MAP Digitizing 

Base map digitization and well projections, Map drawing, Rescaling processes, the digits data can deliver as ASCII files or paper printout.

Core Description Digitizing

The aim of the Digitizing project is to get the most of the legacy core description, which includes old & new wells in digital format.

Digitizing of well logs can offer a full order of magnitude cheaper than ever and accompanied by software and hardware capability that can put expanded computers power at the log analyst’s command.


Our experienced vectorising teams can regenerate accurate digital seismic data from scanned seismic images, which reconstructs the output seismic data progressively trace by trace. 
However, the vectorising service involves more than just curve tracking. These additional stages ensure that the digital seismic data you receive back from us is accurate and of the highest standard possible.