Accuracy is our Slogan

Who We Are

GEOCOMP have been worked with more than fourty Petroleum companies in oil and gas sector in the different concessions of Egypt at Eastern and Western desert, Nile Delta, Nile valley, Mediterranean, Upper Egypt, Gulf of Suez and Sinai (On & Off shore) in both surface and subsurface sequences and also have a long experience outside.


GEOCOMP Projects in Egypt

GEOCOMP had provided several Companies with professional analyses, projects, Complete reports, studies, and critical decisions while drilling, consultations in the following concessions:

  • Scarab/ Saffron Concession
  • West Delta Deep Marine Concession
  • East Delta onshore Concession
  • Mansoura Concession
  • West Obayed Concession
  • East Yidma Concession
  • Ghazalat Concession
  • South Dabaa oil field
  • East Ras Qattara Concession
  • East Alam El Shawish Concession
  • North Zeit Bay 
  • East Zeit Concession
  • South East July Concession
  • Petronefertiti Concession
  • Esh El Mallaha and west Esh El Mallaha Concession
  • AL AMIR Field and Al Ola Development Lease Southern Gulf of Suez
  • West Gharib Concession
  • North West October Concession Northern Gulf of Suez
  • West Gebel El Zeit 
  • Shukheir Concession
  • Sudr, Asl & Matarma Concessions
  • West Tawila Concession & North Geisum Field
  • West Esh El Mallaha Concession
  • West Esh El Mallaha concession