Accuracy is our Slogan


  •  Micropalaeontological analysis
  •  Nannoplankton analysis
  •  Palynological analysis
  •  Biostratigraphic correlations and reporting
  •  Wellsite Biostratigraphy
  •  Wellsite Geologist

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Sedimentology and Petrography

  • Thin section preparation
  •  Microscopic petrographic analysis and photographing
  •  SWC and core samples description 
  • XRD, XRF, and SEM analysis
  • Sedimentary facies definition and Sedimentary Modeling
  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Ditch cutting to log character correlation

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Training and Field trips

  • Exploration
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Drilling
  • Quality Control
  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
  • Management and Leadership

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Sequence Stratigraphy


 Integration of Biostratigraphy, Lithologic description, well-logging characters, and seismic interpretation to define the SB, TST, MFS, to be correlated with the global sea-level change.
FMI stratigraphic interpretation.

Scanning, Digitizing & Vectorization


  •  Seismic Data Vectorization
  •  Scanning
  •  Logs and map digitizing

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  •  Concession Evaluation.
  •  FDP (Field development plan).
  •  FFR (Full field review). 
  •  Integration of Biostratigraphic, Sedimentological data and core description for environmental interpretation and building up the depositional model.
  •  Petrophysical interpretation.
  •  Wireline log calibration and correlation.
  •  Depositional Lithofacies and environment interpretation.
  •  Seismic facies analysis.
  •  Mapping and lateral variation prediction.
  •  Structural analysis and seismic interpretation.
  •  Hydrocarbon potentiality, Source rock evaluation
  •  Static and Dynamic modeling.

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