Accuracy is our Slogan

Integration of Biostratigraphy, Lithologic description, well logging characters and seismic interpretation to define the SB, TST, MFS, to be correlated with the global sea level change

Biostratigraphic data in sequence stratigraphy

  • Biostratigraphic databases should include information regarding fossil abundances (increases, declines) and diversity
  • These high-resolution paleontological events can be used to distinguish maximum flooding surfaces.

Integration for Sequence stratigraphy

Log sequence stratigraphic analysis of the rock formations, combined with seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretation, can provide a powerful predictive tool for exploration and development reservoir work.
Integration of observations of facies successions (cores, well logs), rock fabric (cores, cuttings) depositional geometries (seismic), age dating, rock mechanics and geochemical data.