Accuracy is our Slogan


GEOCOMP is a consulting service company established in 1998 based in Cairo, Egypt. The company is aiming to serve and support the oil and gas sector with a wide range of services.

GEOCOMP team includes multidisciplinary, highly qualified staff in the Petroleum industry.


GEOCOMP includes highly experienced staff with more than thirty years’ experience in Paleontology, Bio & Sequence stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Petrography in the different concessions of Egypt: Eastern and Western desert, Nile Delta, Nile valley, Mediterranean, Upper Egypt, Gulf of Suez and Sinai (On & Off shore) in both surface and subsurface sequences.
GEOCOMP provides integrated high resolution quantitative Biostratigraphic analysis, Regional seismic Sequence Stratigraphy, 2D/3D seismic interpretation, multi-well correlation projects, Petrophysical log analysis, Sedimentology, Petrography, Mineralogy, Structural geology and Basin modeling, well-sitting service both domestically and internationally, Regional G & G Studies and Concession Evaluation, training services and field trips.


1- GEOCOMP is more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas sector.
2- 24 hours Hot Shot Analyses and Wellsite Biostratigraphy services.
3- Optimize asset value with our comprehensive geoscience services.
4- Long experience in geological consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa.
5- Offers a full range of Biostratigraphic services.
6- The studies and analyses are performed on the basis of the most updated techniques and softwares.