Geological and Computer Consultants

sedimentology and petrography

Sedimentology involve the study of lithological, depositional, minor-structure, and diagenetic features and the processes that result in sedimentary rooks.

Our sedimentology services include core description, integration of core data and petrophysical data, interpretation of lithofacies and sequence stratigraphy to construct a depositional module and palaeogeographic reconstructions, this can be applied from Deep Water and Deltic clastic to carbonates, Evaporites and shallow marine and continental deposits.

Thin-section preparation, description, point counting and a range of specialized petrologic methods (SEM, XRD, and Fluid Inclusions) are also performed.


Heavy Mineral Analysis

Heavy mineral analysis is an alternative method of correlation that utilises stratigraphical changes in mineralogy mainly in clastic sediments. This method can be used to complement biostratigraphic analysis, or as a stand-alone method in barren sequences. It also provides information on sediment provenance, transport history and diagenesis.